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I am in an uncomfortable state of transition. I had to move from NorCal and leave my memory foam mattress fortress to a small spot on my brother’s floor in redondo beach. king to pauper. I’ve rebuilt more times than I can count so I’m not worried about that… just sucks. sucks!!! back hurts from sleeping on the ground. can’t smoke. stress of looking for the new job. I don’t drink, trying to stay focused, make this stay as short as possible… it’s maddening. fucking sucks man.

rain today

rain today

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health - goth star (pictureplane cover)

ice age - how to destroy angels

can’t wait til tuesday @crystalcastless

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i am so in love… @crystalcastless

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bza radio

my radio station. when it’s on it’s LIVE! iPhone friendy music to kill yourself to. come by and say hi

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